Alien OG


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Attribute Value
Type Indica
THC% 20%
CBD% 0.2%
Aroma Earthy, Pine, Lemon
Taste Citrus, Pine, Herbal
Effects Relaxation, Euphoria, Creativity
Common Usages Stress Relief, Mood Enhancement, Creative Pursuits

Embark on an intergalactic journey with Alien OG, an indica strain that brings relaxation and euphoria to new heights. With a THC content of 20% and a touch of CBD, this strain offers a balanced and invigorating experience. Immerse yourself in the earthy, pine, and lemon aroma, while savoring the citrus, pine, and herbal flavors. Alien OG induces a deep state of relaxation, uplifting your mood and igniting bursts of creativity. Whether you seek stress relief, mood enhancement, or a catalyst for creative pursuits, Alien OG will guide you to a celestial realm of tranquility and inspiration.

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