Gorilla Glue


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Attribute Value
Type Indica/Sativa Hybrid
THC% 25-30%
CBD% 0.1-1%
Aroma Earthy, Pine, Diesel
Taste Sweet, Citrus, Diesel
Effects Relaxing, Euphoric, Happy
Common Usages Stress Relief, Pain Management, Relaxation

Experience the legendary Gorilla Glue, a powerful Indica-Sativa hybrid with THC levels reaching an impressive 25-30%. Its earthy, pine, and diesel aroma is complemented by a sweet, citrus, and diesel taste. Prepare for deep relaxation as the euphoric and happy effects wash over you. Perfect for relieving stress, managing pain, and finding pure relaxation, Gorilla Glue is a go-to strain for those seeking a potent and enjoyable cannabis experience. Let the strength of Gorilla Glue envelop your senses and provide you with the ultimate blissful escape.

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