Alaskan Ice


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Attribute Value
Type Sativa
THC% 22%
CBD% 0.3%
Aroma Earthy, Pine, Citrus
Taste Woody, Citrus, Spicy
Effects Uplifting, Energetic, Focus
Common Usages Productivity, Creativity, Daytime Use

Brace yourself for a breath of fresh, invigorating air with Alaskan Ice, a dynamic sativa strain that keeps you focused and energized. With a THC content of 22% and a touch of CBD, this strain offers a powerful and uplifting experience. Immerse yourself in the earthy, pine, and citrus aroma, while enjoying the woody, citrus, and spicy taste. Alaskan Ice is the perfect companion for boosting productivity, enhancing creativity, and maintaining focus throughout the day. Harness the power of this icy strain and stay refreshed and motivated as you conquer your tasks and unleash your creative potential.

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