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Category Description
Type Hybrid
THC% 22-28%
CBD% 0.1-0.5%
Aroma Earthy, Nutty
Taste Sweet, Nutty
Effects Relaxing, Euphoric, Creative
Common Usages Stress relief, Mood enhancement, Inspiring creativity

Introducing Biscotti, a captivating hybrid strain that invites you to unwind in a world of tranquility and creativity. With THC levels ranging from 22-28%, this strain gently soothes with earthy and nutty aromas, while its sweet and nutty taste delights the senses. Biscotti’s relaxing, euphoric effects make it perfect for relieving stress, enhancing moods, and tapping into your artistic side. Embrace the serene embrace of Biscotti, where worries melt away and inspiration flourishes, guiding you on a journey of contentment and creativity.

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