Do Si Do


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Type Indica
THC% 20-30%
CBD% 0-1%
Aroma Sweet, Earthy, Floral
Taste Sweet, Earthy, Kush
Effects Relaxing, Euphoric, Uplifting
Common Usages Stress Relief, Pain Management, Sleep Aid

Dive into the world of Do Si Dos, an indica strain known for its potent THC levels ranging from 20% to 30%. The sweet, earthy, and floral aroma entices the senses, transporting you to a serene garden. With each inhale, savor the delicious blend of sweet, earthy, and Kush flavors. As the relaxing and euphoric effects envelop your body and mind, feel the weight of stress and tension melt away, leaving you uplifted and at ease. Do Si Dos is a perfect choice for those seeking stress relief, pain management, and a peaceful night’s sleep.

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