Hash Plant


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Attribute Value
Type Indica
THC% 15-20%
CBD% 0.1-0.5%
Aroma Spicy, Earthy, Herbal
Taste Earthy, Woody, Hash-like
Effects Relaxing, Sedating, Euphoric
Common Usages Pain Relief, Insomnia, Stress Reduction

Product Description: Discover the power of Hash Plant, an indica strain with THC levels ranging from 15% to 20%. Its spicy, earthy, and herbal aroma captivates the senses, while the earthy, woody, and hash-like taste provides a unique and nostalgic experience. Indulge in the deeply relaxing, sedating, and euphoric effects that help alleviate pain, promote sleep, and reduce stress. Whether you seek relief from chronic pain or a good night’s sleep, Hash Plant is here to deliver the tranquility you desire. Unwind, relax, and let the soothing powers of Hash Plant envelop you.

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