9 Pound Hammer


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Type Indica
THC% 23%
CBD% 0.1%
Aroma Sweet, Earthy
Taste Citrus, Berry
Effects Relaxation, Sedation, Euphoria
Common Usages Pain Relief, Insomnia, Stress Reduction

Prepare to be struck by the mighty force of 9 Pound Hammer, a potent indica strain that brings ultimate relaxation and tranquility. With a robust THC content of 23% and a hint of CBD, this strain delivers a powerful punch. Indulge in its sweet and earthy aroma, accompanied by a delightful fusion of citrus and berry flavors. As you sink into deep relaxation, the sedating effects of 9 Pound Hammer will gently soothe away pain and stress, while a wave of euphoria washes over your body and mind. Surrender to the hammer’s embrace and experience blissful serenity.

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